Our Mission

REM Equipment Inc has been serving the the industrial vacuum industry for over 35+ years. We strive to put the best products in our customers hands to keep their vacuum pumps running smoothly, efficiently and at their highest performance. 

Supervane vs OEM

As a Becker Master Distributor for 30 years we know what OEM quality products look like and how expensive they are! We would see this drive customers to try cheap aftermarket vanes that had rock bottom prices. The problem was they also offered rock bottom performance, only offering 20-30% of the performance of OEM vanes and requiring constant replacement. The only thing more expensive that OEM vanes is a broken down pump holding up your business. 

For the longest time there was never a goldilocks offering in the market until... SUPERVANE. SuperVane Carbon Vanes offer 93-100% of the performance of OEM vanes but cost 33% less! The carbon is sourced from the same suppliers as Rietschle and Becker, they are precision cut and engineered.

Watch this video and see why you Supervane is the perfect carbon vane for your business.

Everything in One Place

We are working to have the REM Equipment Shop be your one stop location for vacuum pump service parts. We currently offer vanes, filters, grease guns and soon to launch gaskets! Our dedication is to our customers and we want to make your vacuum pump service as easy as possible. We offer parts for Becker, Rietschle, Busch, DVP and Orion so even if you have multiple brands of vacuum pumps in your shop you cans till find everything in one place.