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With over 34 years in the dry vane vacuum industry, we can tell a quality product when we see one.

That is why we are proud to carry Supervane carbon vanes. Supervane recognizes that the design and manufacture of carbon vanes are integral in delivering the most performance and longevity out of your pump.


Supervanes are made in the UK with quality standards that are unmatched by other non-OEM vanes. Their research and development into the original carbon composition of OEM products has led to a near-identical product. 


We are not only about providing a quality product, but also a quality service and support. With fast quick shipping, easy online ordering and dedicated customer service we want to deliver the best expience to out customers. 


We only consider our job done when your order is delivered. 

"It is difficult for me to find a difference between Supervane and the OEM product from Becker. We have completed every test we can and Supervane continues to impress."

Ray Ralph, President, R.E.Morrison Equipment Inc.

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