Frequently Asked Questions

Who is REM Shop?

REM Shop is the online catalog of vanes and filters from REM Equipment. REM Equipment has been supplying and servicing vacuum pumps and blowers for over 30 years.


Where is REM Shop from?

REM Shop head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


What is SuperVane?

SuperVane is one of the top Non-OEM carbon vane and filter manufactures in the world. They have built a reputation for manufacturing some of the highest quality carbon vanes on the market. Supplying to over 70 countries worldwide, they are a marketing leader.


Where are SuperVane products made?

SuperVane is located in Hertfordshire, UK. Their carbon vanes and filters are manufactured in Latvia and Hungary.


What is the warranty?

REM Shop offers a standard 30-day warranty on all products.


The product I want is out of stock, what do I do?

Please call us at 1-800-668-8736, and we will put one on hold for you and provide approximate lead time.


How often should I replace my carbon vanes?

Carbon Vanes should be replaced every 8000 pump hours or approximately 10 months depending on run time.


How do I replace my carbon vanes?

Please see our Vane Replacement Guide


How often should I replace my air filters?

Air filter replacement depends on the working environment of the vacuum pump or blower. Generally, external filters should be replaced every 6 months.


How do I replace my air filters?

Please see the Filter Replacement Guide


What about duty?

Our items ship from Canada to the US. The buyer may be charged import duties depending on their state and tax situation.


How do I return an item?

If you would like to return an unopened and unused item please see our return procedure here.