Grease Gun with Amblygon


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Grease Gun filled with Amblygon for use with oil-less vacuum pumps. Filled with grease developed to withstand the high temperature of vacuum pumps.

Grease should be applied to your pump AT LEAST once per year as per the operating manual.

Compatible with all oil-less vacuum pumps.

Click here to download our vane replacement guide for Becker Pumps 

REM Equipment Vane Replacement Guide for Becker

Stop Overspending on Carbon Vanes!

Carbon vanes are a small, but critical component of your vacuum pump and its crucial that they are checked every 3000 pump hours (4 months) and replaced every 8000 pump hours (10 Months). Unfortunately, OEM carbon vanes are extremely costly and most Non-OEM carbon vanes, while cheap, only offer 30% of the performance of OEM vanes and require constant replacement.

SuperVane Carbon Vanes offer 93-100% of the performance of OEM vanes but cost 33% less!

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